AP Mizz 9mm Artist Proof

Screened in 2009 and part of a color proof test run. 34"x18" and limited in a signed, numbered and dated in soft pencil. Part of the process of developing the final print is labor exhaustive tests screenings. Ultimately this version didn't make the cut. This is an edition of 4 and each print is mint on 120 lb in 6 colors. Each print ships Priority. Rolled in kraft paper in a new Yazoo Mills tube. $67+shipping. 

Deathtrooper variant silver (Sold out)

Limited to 28 pieces in the edition, silkscreened in 4 metallic and pearl inks on 34"x18" 120 lb., silver pearl Stardream paper. This is a gorgious print that pictures do not do it justice. Custom mixed medium metallic gray, custom silver, pearl white and oiled dark green for the lenses. Intense detail and totally evil inks to embrace the dark side. Signed, dated and number in silver archive ink on silver in and edition of 28. This is a cool print as it shimmers  and changes colors with details popping out as you shift your view. Ships rolled in soft kraft paper inside a new 22" long Yazoo Mills tube for extra padding via Priority. $85+shipping. 

Why So Serious Variant Purple(Low Stock)

Joker Dark Knight Portrait

28"x22" in 7 colors screened with a 1" margin running all around and signed, dated in an edition of 12. Comes rolled in kraft paper with a facing sheet inside a new Yazoo Mills tube shipped Priority with tracking. Due to the size of this print it goes tubed and then boxed for added protection. $78+shipping

Somewhere In Kansas

24"x18" in 3 screened colors. This is part of my ongoing UFO mythos screened series. In an edition of 40 pieces. Signed, dated and numbered. Poster ships rolled in kraft paper a new Yazoo Mills tube via Priority only with insurance. $49.00

Mizz 9MM AP(Low Stock)

Full nude 34"x18" AP signed screen print In a series of 10, signed and dated. Double screened red tints and opaque colors in 6 colors. Ships via Priority U.S. Mail domestically in a new Yazoo Mills tube. $80

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