Kray is a illustrator and print maker living in Souther California with over 39 years of printmaking expertise. Many of the prints offered are ones he pulled. Kray's background is in chemistry which many of the inks he uses were developed over a course of many years and are proprietary. In the 1980's Kray fell into the gravity hole of fine art print maker Pop Freeman of Gemini Print Group, Jasper John's printmaking crew fame and long term instructor and head of Cal Arts print making shop. Kray started silkscreening at the age of 9, cutting block prints, working in a textile screener and even making coffins fixtures. The later created a love of fine woodworking and a hatred of Rosewood. He has worked for Kenny Howard aka Von Dutch and suffered under wet sanding, prepping cars for paint and studying sign painting. Because of this Kray hates sign painting an the smell of Toluene. To this day has fiberglas embedded in his skin from restoring 1970's far out rides while being baby sat. Kray was paid as a child in discarded 1950's and 60's comic books, Crush soda and Hostess pies and hands on knowledge. For all this Kray gravitates to 1960's poster art and science fiction, 1970's hotrod and biker culture. During Kray's long term friendship with Skip Engblom of Santa Monica Airlines fame in the 1980's fathered several skateboard companies. Kray has created brands, catalogs and art direction for a multitude of big name companies that basically never allowed him the time to use pencils, ink and brush. He revolted against 10 years of managing other artist and doing art direction in 2008 and hasn't looked back. Sometimes you got to draw your own mythos and stop spinning others. Kray comes from a Southern California system of being influenced, encouraged and put to work to foster a style and in turn create other artist so they may one day develop a style all their own. We're only put here to become the master of our own style be it art, a craft of just being a good human being. Kray currently is a human being with the ability to use a smart phone and has mostly forgotten his tree dwelling heritage in this cruel yet hostile universe.