Welcome to my B-movie, graphic horror laced richly black and in luscious color fever dream. 

 I am a cold war era dropout and a post nuclear dreadnought of color and fetishist of analog technology. A lot of what you see is my particular take on those pieces of technology that mostly to this day are more futuristic then those futuristic items we use in this modern world. I am a huge classic era Science Ficiton nerd. My idea of a good time is pondering what right now would I be doing if the Cold War had gone hot during the thankfully adverted Cuban Missile Crisis. I am a lover of practical things in a practical universe from practical effects in movies to practical relationship between a man and a fembot provided it's off-world. I enjoy sharing my versions of space exploration, lead based inked pulp novel inspired alternative futures and just on occasion a good skull rendered in X-ray glowing colors with a nice nipple slip. 

I don't know how to write a bio yet I love to illustrate. Part of my style that people tell me they admire is my use of black and negative white space to full the eye into believing there is actual color when there is not. My colors are radiant and traditional palettes I reject. I want bold and brash without the mess of halftones, stippling and those honored means of gradation. My style was created when I was in jr. high, at age 13 when we cut by hand on rubylith one time use stencils that would be adhered with acetone in a once time, one chance to get it right or it was back to cutting out your work from scratch. It was that frustration that had me forgoing traditional means of gradation. Cross hatching is awesome, I love sketching it but I don't like it in my graphic representations. Thus my style grew from graphic arts hands on practicality. 

I am asked if I create my works in Adobe Illustrator, I do and I do not being that I do some of my color separations in Adobe and fixing geometries of those mechanical do-dads I illustrate but all my work is traditional ink/brush on coldpress illustration boards. Pelican Ink, and a No.0/No.1 or No.2 Windsor Newton Gold Scepter brush. Some of my works don't even exist as inked on board illustrations or digital illustrations but got there start from blown up photo references and were cut on rubylith and parts drawn with a compass and a fine point Sharpie. What created me back all those years ago is still apart of me and has evolved in step with my love of science fiction, arcane knowledge and an agenda of tubed run radios and solid state technology that inadvertently will survive an atomic EMP pulse from a sub ionic airbrust in the megaton range. 

I hope you dig the things that consume my waking fever dreams. From monsters, failed space exploration to naked see through women and the occasional UFO menace. 

Thank you for looking at my work as it means the world to me and thank you for checking out my world. -Krayola