Previous releases are archived with some remaining in stock. Please inquire as to availability by sending an email thorugh the contact page for sizes and pieces on hand. 

Ziggy Stardust 28"x18"

Layback Pinup Pyscho Yellow 36"x11.75"

Screaming Skull Red 36"x11.75"

Chaos 24"x18"

Bowie Variant Major Tom 28"x18"

Layback Pinup Psycho Black 36"x11.75"

Screaming Skull Black 36"x11.75"

Screaming Skull Black 36"x11.75"

Mirror Mirror on the Wall 24"x18" 

Dead in Space 28"x18"

Santa Monica Pier Daytime 36"x11.75"

Belly Pinup Psycho Black 36"x11.75"

Ever Since the Accident Variant 24"x18"

Aloha Flesh 28"x18"

Santa Monica Pier Nighttime 36"x11.75" 

Belly Pinup Variant 36"x11.75"

Ever Since the Accident 24"x18"

Radio Riot 34"x18"

Death Ride Full Orange 34"x18"

Death Ride Full Red 34"x18"

Grim Keeper 34"x18"

Karova Milk Bar Stock Blue18"x34"

Karova Milk Bar Variant Neon 18"x34"

Karova Milk Bar Variant Orange 18"x34" 

Rumble in Roswell Artist Proof 18"x34" 

Robot Chaos Artist Proof 18"x34"

Somewhere In Kansas Artist Proof 18"x34"

Slaves Of Phobos 24"x12" 

Brides Of Deimos 24"x12"

Invaders From Earth 24"x12"

Mercenaries of Mars 24"x12"