Reservoir Dogs Parody

Soon to be released silkscreeened in 8 colors 34"x18" Reservoir Dogs parody. These are not the final colors. There will be a regular and a variant. This was a private group commission. Includes two 8"x10" handbills. 

Screen shot 2017-11-19 at 11.25.33 AM.png




Bowie Black Metal


There is to be an offering the first of this week of the several other colors of the Bowies on metallic paper on Pragmatic Prints.

Please follow me on IG and or FB for news of that release and time. 

Rumble in Roswell archive print


2013 Rumble in prints on hand.

Originally screened as a single color black proof print back in 2013 this 1 color proof is 18"x34" is signed, dated and numbered. The reason has yet to make it to a full colored silkscreened version is that I literally forgot that I ever drew it. Impressive in the amount of detail and cool stuff it's a print that may one day be reprinted in full color. 

Limited mint prints are on hand and only a few were ever printed or remain. In an original series of 10 prints as AP proofs. Each proof is $70 plus shipping. 

Riot Cop Pink Sprinkle Donut Edition

This is for an upcoming show in Vancouver Canada in July(more details to follow) that I maybe attending as the gallery is printing up several special runs of two select posters, this Riot Cop variant being one of them. 

It's silly, and says everything about the police. There will be a change to the motto on the shield (May say Love, Peace, Death or Donut) and each version maybe have additional hand done elements but right now that is up to my time schedule and getting to Canada. Colors are not finalized as well. 

Mizz .45 Production Proof limited to 10 pieces.

Item is now archived and no longer available in the store.

These are just in and are stunningly screen printed in lush colors. Signed and dated in a test series of 10. Each is expert and perfectly printed.  Screen print in 4 colors and the white base flesh is the natural white white 110 lb. paper. These are just a production test to check color and if the placement of the art sits well. Personally after looking at it I love the piece but may need to adjust the art and thus produce new screens as I may change the hair slightly. 34"x18" and stunningly large and fits a easy to find frame. 

Electric Psycho Pinup

A variant of a well known and out of print pinup. 36"x11.75" These test prints where done originally in preparation for use for license to make skateboards. The original version is all black background. The original art dates to 2009. 

Aloha from Bikini Atoll

iridescent radioactive colors commemorate the dark days of the atomic weapons race the nativity of above ground testing at the darkest days of post WWII in the Pacific ocean. But hey, it's colorfully rendered in macabre erotic pallor. Originally inked and printed in 2010. 

Death Ride Cinematic in Orange

Soon to be released, 12"x24" Death Ride Cinematic silkscreened in 4 custom colors on heavyweight 100 lb. Bristol. Limited in a series of 100 in interior orange glow light. Signed and dated by the artist. Join the night with this creepy and cinematically intensely subtle rich deep colors. Item is dropping before Wednesday at a set time of 6:30 PM PST. 

Space is Cruel one color proof.

Space is Cruel one color proof. What is worse then losing your last banana out the airlock, well nothing really besides maybe next your Rubix cube!? This is Goodall the space-chimp part of a Mars rescue and recovery team. This image is part of my ongoing Mission to Mars series and was a fluke thing I sketched up between working on a 36"x11.75" panel to accompany the Marooned On Mars poster. Why not send a chimpanzee to do a mans work? Makes sense in Krayola world. Doesn't it?! 36"x11.75" Proof goes on sale soon and is limited to 10 signed and numbered pieces only.