Death Incorporated


"Your host, Death welcomes you to the Well of Souls on a one-way ticket to oblivion."  

Death continues to guide us through this latest installment in my ongoing mythos via this print. Death stands vigilant. He cradles a surplus Thompson submachine gun, the spoils of harvesting upon the fertile fields of combat during the Battle of Tarawa in the South Pacific, November 21, 1943. Death uses the tools of the times, and nothing is more perfect than the Thompson. The illustration gives a glimpse into a nightmare realm, a desolate wasteland that is not the Earth or anywhere in this solar system—the gateway that counts down to 13 in reverse, an ominous detail. In my mythos, Death collects his harvest throughout history to deliver those remains to a conflict among the unliving. From the Persian and Greek Battle of Plataea in 479 BC to the First Battle of Falluja, Iraq in 2004, Death takes materials and men, their brains, and corresponding spinal columns to encase in towering immortal war machines in an ongoing conflict millions of miles from Earth. War always provides a bountiful harvest, and Death must collect for his masters. It's his duty. What we know of the Grim Reaper that has been immortalized in sketches, etchings, and petroglyphs through the ages is just camouflage. Unless a survivor escapes, only they can tell the fever dream tale of the figure in the cloak, the true face of… Death.  

In my mythos, I folded Death into a grand conspiracy involving UFO abductions and a secret war not on Earth but on Mars.  The Gray aliens fight our allies, the ancient Annunaki, to control mankind's destiny. This print is a part of an ongoing series and relates to "Rumble in Roswell," "Deathride," and "UFO Intercept."   

The original illustration was sketched and inked with a brush and quill pen back in 2011. It has only ever been printed in a proof run of 10 pieces in 4 colors and now a decade later, I decided to resurrect the poster and print it as a full edition of 50 pieces. "Death Incorporated" measures 18" x 24" with a 2.5" white margin all around. The original illustration was in a fan's collection who graciously let me rescan it. I worked up some changes to the art and new colors. For framing this print, I recommend a 1" margin to give ample room between the snout of Thompson and the elevator key. This edition of 50 pieces is signed, dated, and numbered in its first full edition from 01/50 to 50/50. Includes exclusive secret never before seen Death Mythos art and stickers and certificate of authenticity.  

Thank you for reading my thoughts on what motivates my art. And thank you for inviting this print into your collection.  

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P40N “Burma Banshees” Red 12 Daytime Regular Edition

History off the Burma Banshees: the 80thFighter Group. The “Ghost Skull” marked these ships in contrast to the P40’straditional shark jaw. The 80th FG waged an air domination campaign to secure the skies against any and all Japanese opposition and were successful in their task. The 80th launched 18,873 planes on 4,719 missions and destroyed over 200 bridges, successful ground area denial against the Japanese building forward bases and downed 80 Japanese aircraft in the air and on the ground. A successful record for the waning days of WWII. The groups official unit moto was “Angeles on our Wings” as the fighter group was regulated to flying air cover missions to supply transports due to the P40’s high altitude performance but unofficially, they called themselves “Angels from Hell”. The 80this known for resisting changing over to the P-47 for the simple fact the P-40 rugged high altitude capabilities and you could shot parts of the body and the engine, and it would keep on flying, sometimes better performing minus handfuls of sheet metal. Illustrated is a P40N Warhawk of the 80th FG, USAAF, 89thFS Burma Banshees, Red 12.  

About the Nose Art: The illustration includes the block unit nose art that is different than the main ships which is due to all the planes in the group no two skulls were the same. Each nose piece was hand done without a template with distinctive differences of white sclera, bloodshot eyes, tongues and blood with no two alike and that is represented here in this illustration and print. 

About this Print: This print measures 24” by 12” and is rendered in 12 colors on heavy white print stock and is the regular full edition in vibrant olive drab and daytime tones Each print comes signed, dated and numbered. There is only 01/100 to 25/100 pieces in this edition in this color combination. Each print ships rolled in a bottom and top sheet of smooth craft paper for protection. White margins are the same in all the Warbirds series to give greater framing options.

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Vibrant Madness that teeters at the edge of friendly insanity with a kick in the teeth of radically cute pop culture icons.


Traditionally trained illustrator and printmaker. Creates vibrant and conspiratorial poster art of a world that might have been in luscious radiant inks.


Veteran Los Angeles graffiti artist and member of K2S and LOD. Creates legendary pieces out in the streets and ensconced in his East Los studio.


Sculptor and Digital Visionary that creates pixilated models of horrific neon-drenched Baroque hellscapes.

Edward Colver

Seminal photographer of the L.A. punk scene. This established artist picked up a camera to document and contribute to the burgeoning musical and counter cultural movement and created its most iconic and lasting images.

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