Arcane Agenda is proud to announce a first time in print of Antichrist by Sick666Mick. Foil print in 7 colors and an impressive 22.50 inches by 28.50 inches! Presented in regular heavy white white paper and silver mirror chrome foil. Mick, is a hellish artist in the Russian Federation that is a digital sculptor and artist creating burning chrome visions in neon nascent chrome. We can only imagine the artist is right now wrapped in synthetic black kevlar papal vestments creating by soft candlelight only detectable by 3rd generation passive inferred Soviet era goggles to create his unique vision of his lavish pixel rich digital inferno.


DJ Kamikaze Black Sun Metallic Artist Proof Edition

Limited to 20 pieces. 34"x18" and screened in two types of contrasting black inks over metallic silver and double printed gold metallic on black facing paper. Signed, dated and numbered as an Artist Proof from 1/20 to 20/20. Comes with a hand numbered metallic matching certificate of authenticity.



Vibrant Madness that teeters at the edge of friendly insanity with a kick in the teeth of radically cute pop culture icons.


Traditionally trained illustrator and printmaker. Creates vibrant and conspiratorial poster art of a world that might have been in luscious radiant inks.


Veteran Los Angeles graffiti artist and member of K2S and LOD. Creates legendary pieces out in the streets and ensconced in his East Los studio.


Sculptor and Digital Visionary that creates pixilated models of horrific neon-drenched Baroque hellscapes.

Edward Colver

Seminal photographer of the L.A. punk scene. This established artist picked up a camera to document and contribute to the burgeoning musical and counter cultural movement and created its most iconic and lasting images.

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