Note that this is a work in progress.

AK47 Commission Buy In.

34”x18” in 11 colors silkscreened art print of the Kalashnikov 47 caliber 7.62x39 rendered and to be reproduced in fine silkscreening. Layout is rifle and accessories; bayonet and scabbard, sling, extra magazine and 100 rounds of ammunition. Limited to an edition of only 39 pieces in regular inks and 39 pieces in deluxe metallic inks on metallic paper to capture the receiver and sheet metal details. Sets are offered in matching numbers and a deposit on either a single print and or sets is required. Once you’ve paid a deposit you will be added to a FB user group for updates. This is Arcane Agenda’s 24th successful commission. The estimated delivery date is the first week of February 2019.

A 50% deposit is required.

  • Single print are $79 shipped and

  • Sets of both regular print and metallic print is $156 shipped.

  • Once a deposit is received you will be contacted to join the FB group for art updates.

$40 deposit required for a single print. A balance of $39 is owed when art is completed.

$79 deposit for set of metallic and regular prints with a balance of $79 owed when are is completed.

Examples of previous completed commissions