Big Trouble Little China

A test to see if a Big Trouble in Little China poster would be a nice followup to Better Off Dead. This is Rain, one of the 3 storms of David Lo Pan.

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Mizz AK-47

A new nude pinup in the works that will be in 6 colors and 34”x18” and offered in a regular edition and variant with several unique artist proofs. To be released in late October.

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Boba Fett Update

Boba Fett 34”x18” 14 color silkscreen update.

AK-47 Work In Progress

We’re offering a new series of silkscreened posters of famous military firearms. Final print will be 34”x18” and in metallic inks with a special version on metallic paper. Sold as singles and sets. $40 deposit is required and once paid in you will be added to a commission group for updates.

Boba Fett Commission

Work in progress. 34”x18” on metallic pearl paper and at the half way done mark. Highly detailed and screen accurate colors silkscreened in 14 colors with several metallic inks. Estimated delivery is first of March. $100 and limited in edition.

Better Off Dead Commission has Concluded

Possibly the most complex pop culture poster to date was this labor of love for the cult movie Better Off Dead. 27 character likenesses in 7 to 10 colors depending on which version. 36”x24” and lush colors. They as well came with free handbills of the main characters and the exclusive K12 handbill. Sales are concluded as majority of remaining posters are now archived as orders ship. We do this with low stock so that if a poster is damaged in transit we can replace your poster if that rarity occurs. Remaining poster are still for sale through hitting us with an email here

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It Came From Beyound

It Came From Beyound. This is a passion project of ours and is to be a relative comparison silhouette height chart of classic B-movie robots, monsters both irradiated mutants, alien invaders and terrestrial monsters. Final print will have some 42 monsters from Godzilla to the Incredible Shrinking Man. Where others would just draw outlines we provided necessary details of classic B-movie monsters from 1945 to 1965 for easy identification in case you cross paths with these beats. This wraps up and will ship before March 2019. Final screened size and number of colors has yet to be determined as it is a work in progress.

Crucified Astronaut: Return to Earth Artist Proof

Limited 24”x18” double black printed 3 color Artist Proof. Part of the coming series of Return to Earth. Few prints remain of this piece. All are lush and vibrant. If you’d like to order this print please send us a message here.

Straight Out of Hell Tee


100% preshrunk cotton AAA, sizes Small to XXXL. Closes this coming Friday, ships the following Wednesday. I am only making as many that sell. This is a one time offering past the sample stage which the colors are awesome. Single shirt ships 1st class with tracking, 2 shirts are more ship Priority. 

$26 single shirt

$56 for two shirts