AR-15 Princess buy in group

Progress in 9 days from sketch to near completed ink. Mirror has yet to be added and this art is ahead of schedule and with a firm date of finished on October 5th.

"Phuck you Mirror Mirror..."

Description: Princess holding an AR-15 standing in the midst of spent brass casings and broken mirror fragments and not giving a phuck!

24"x18" in 5 color screen print. It will ship the middle of October. $50 shipped as preorder for 1 stock print. There is to be variant for an additional $45 when purchased as a matching set for $95 shipped together. The edition is as many as sell. I expect there to be some 25 in the series and the print will be screened regardless. I expect to have the black ink work done and color cut in two weeks. 

Firm completion date of October 5th with deliver by October 15th

Shipping is included in the United States via Priority USPS. 

After you have made payment please join the facebook group for updates as please only paid in members may join the group. 

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