Mi Chica Rosa (Never Repeat Series)

Mi Chica Rosa (Never Repeat Series)

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What is Never Repeat Series: The never repeat series is a one time last time offering. This print will never be offered again and comes in a small edition and made properly to the artist original vision. The never repeat series exist to give new customers a chance to by a limited piece before a complimentary piece comes out in a series.

18"x28" and originally illustrated in 2010 and never offered in a full edition before. Edition is limited to 50 pieces, from 1/50 to 50/50. This edition has revised tattoo details and refined colors and is expertly printed by Arcane Agenda in our color lab. 120 Lb., heavyweight white-white paper. Signed, dated and numbered by the artist and comes complete with a matching hand number certificate of authenticity. Artist is Krayola. Ships in a new Yazoo Mills tube with print secured between two sheets of Kraft paper and rolled expertly and affixed for transit with a removable gallery seal.
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