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Robot Chaos 34"x18" buy in group

Full color 6 color screened 34"x18" print delivered in March with shipping included. This is buy in with a deposit up front of $45 and final payment after 3 weeks from when you check out. Edition is to be 30 pieces, signed dated and numbered in exclusive hand mixed colors exclusive to this group buy in.

Details: This is an ongoing project I've worked on since 2008 based on what would it look like if an alien invasion was done realistically set with period exact 1958 era military technology with a superior alien aggressor. Everything in the image is exact to the era from M14 select fire rifles to M58 tank and helicopters and the mainstay of Airforce F-86. 

Project scope: The image is 90% done with some elements yet added such as a cityscape  with burning buildings and more alien robot cyborgs. 

Proofed prints: There is to be an edition of only 10 proofed prints which are offered separately and signed and dated and numbered. 

Delivery: The project will go to print this coming late February with a shipping date at the first of March with updates show inside the Robot Chaos Group on FB. 

At checkout you will be charged $45 with the remaining balance of $40 due 3 weeks later. Proofs ship this coming January 28th.

Robot Chaos Buy In Full Color Print
Number of payments 2
Start payments At checkout
At checkout$45.00 USD
Next payment due in 3 weeks$40.00 USD
Total $85.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Robot Chaos Black Proof

34"x18" single color Robot Chaos proof. The proofing process is to see how the detail translates and if any editing or additions need to be made. This item ships this week and is limited to 10 pieces. Signed, dated and numbered. $65 

All prints ship via Priority UPS in a new Yazoo Mills heavy duty tube with print rolled in kraft paper.