Edward Colver is the definitive photographer of the birth of punk and who Shepard Fairy has been quoted as saying to check him out. Edward’s work over 45 years of photography has taken some of the most iconic pictures of musical personalities from punk rock to genre music personalities like Ice Cube, Nice Cave and Andy Warhol. From the birth of California punk rock with defining images from the "Damaged" album cover of Black Flag and capturing the one photo that typifies a movement in the iconic photo of the Wasted Youth forward flip stage dive. His many gig photos, album cover shots and sculpture works have appeared in not only in countless magazines, curated collections and museums and seared into the retina of a generation. There is much more to this man that has never publicly advertised or published his phone number and is still in demand for his craft and art. 

About this fine art print:

There are only 49 signed, dated and numbered pieces in this edition by Edward Colver. There is no black ink in this print as it was printed in light grays on a satin black paper. Each print includes a hand numbered certificate of authenticity to match the print. Included is one random postcard of a rarely published image's from Edward Colver’s archive that is representing five decades of work from still life photos in abandoned buildings, eerie punk clubs and sculptures of his own creation.

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Vibrant Madness that teeters at the edge of friendly insanity with a kick in the teeth of radically cute pop culture icons.


Traditionally trained illustrator and printmaker. Creates vibrant and conspiratorial poster art of a world that might have been in luscious radiant inks.


Veteran Los Angeles graffiti artist and member of K2S and LOD. Creates legendary pieces out in the streets and ensconced in his East Los studio.


Sculptor and Digital Visionary that creates pixilated models of horrific neon-drenched Baroque hellscapes.

Edward Colver

Seminal photographer of the L.A. punk scene. This established artist picked up a camera to document and contribute to the burgeoning musical and counter cultural movement and created its most iconic and lasting images.

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